Who is it?

Chase Fisher


What was this episode about?

In this episode, CEO and Founder of Blenders Eyewear Chase Fisher joins us to talk about how he turned a San Diego lifestyle into his brand.


California is a sunshine state. With a constant demand for sunglasses, Chase found inspiration for his product. He talks us through his decision to sell affordable eyewear to match the vibrant lifestyle of San Diego.


Just like any other entrepreneur starting a business, there are always hurdles to overcome and moments of self-doubt. Chase opens up about his experience and shares how he got over the learning curve of getting and manufacturing his product all while managing inventory.


He talks to us about finding how important it is to find your place in the online marketing world while still wanting to have a small presence at brick and mortar stores. Now more than ever, that is proving to be more and more difficult. Now, he leverages social media to grow his brand in a world that has turned predominantly to online marketing.


Listen and learn how he grew his business from selling one product to dozens of options for his customers. 


Key Takeaways

  • Introduction of guest, Chase Fisher (0:57)
  • What is Blenders Eyewear (1:34)
  • Why sunglasses (2:17)
  • Chase’s first hurdle (3:31)
  • How he negotiated a manufacturer (5:25)
  • How to overcome the fear of failing (6:50)
  • Why Chase made sure he did not have a corporate working environment (9:39)
  • Is brick and mortar still part of the future (11:00)
  • Opportunity for more online businesses (13:59)
  • His hiring process (15:08)
  • How to handle the growth (17:13)
  • Lessons on leveraging social media (18:47)
  • Chase’s first big break (21:44)

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Check out Blenders Eyewear here


When did this episode air?

June 15, 2020