Who is it?

Nick Kennedy

What was this episode about? 

Nick Kennedy is a serial entrepreneur with experience building and exiting hugely successful ventures. He won the EY Entrepreneur of the year in 2017.

Nick Kennedy’s first company that he founded was an Airline. Not the typical first startup. Kennedy learned a lot through the process and shares those lessons in his book The Good Entrepreneur.

Today Nick works as an executive life coach helping founders and C-suite executives become the best versions of themselves in all aspects of their lives.

In this episode, he shares the challenges that are hidden behind a successful entrepreneur, as well as the wins and losses.

What is your Legacy as an Entrepreneur? 

One important lesson that Nick learned from his journey is that entrepreneurship is not about conquering the world. It’s about conquering yourself.

The true spirit of an entrepreneur is creating positive change in all aspects of your life. This is your legacy. 

🔑The key is to grow both as an entrepreneur and as a human being.

Listen in as Nick shares some wonderful tips on how entrepreneurs can build successful ventures without creating a void in other aspects of their lives.

Key Takeaways

  • When did Nick first realize he was an entrepreneur (01:15)
  • The theory of entrepreneurship – why we do it (02:41)
  • Lessons from investing in an airline business (05:45)
  • Challenges of bringing a new product to market (08:02)
  • Growing as an entrepreneur and a human being (10:47)
  • Money doesn’t fix broken relationships (14:14)
  • The ultimate question for entrepreneurs (18:41)
  • How to get clear on your purpose (23:49)
  • What’s on Nick’s personal bucket list (27:13)

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