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Esther Inman

What was this episode about?

If you spend anytime online, then I’m sure you’re constantly bombarded with content from nomadic professionals who earn their entire income online. From laptops on sandy beaches to the flexibility of traveling the world, this lifestyle is certainly enticing. The downside is that it seems a bit difficult to break into if you’re coming from the corporate world or any other traditionally designed workforce. 

Today’s guest saw a need to bridge the gap set forth to help other women leap into online careers. In this episode, I interviewed Esther Inman, founder of the Virtual Assistant Internship. She was a teacher turned corporate employee who ditched the 9-5 to become a virtual assistant. Soon, she taught others how to live the same lifestyle, and her education and coaching business blossomed.

Esther shares how she built her business, what exactly a va does, and her mindset tips for those who are hesitant to branch out into the online world. We also discuss her 90-day va program and how she overcame hurdles while scaling and pivoting her business. 

Key Takeaways


  • When Esther first realized she’s an entrepreneur (01:14)
  • What does a va do? (03:20)
  • How Esther created resources for other va’s to help find work and get them connected in the field (06:45)
  • Mindset tips for those who are hesitant to take the next steps (09:20)
  • Her 90 day va program (11:45)
  • Mistakes people make when hiring a va (12:30)
  • The most common use of a va (16:20)
  • How a va can be a part of PR pitches (20:20)
  • How Esther has overcome hurdles while growing her business (22:40)

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