Who is it?

Earnest Epps

What was this episode about?

Average Joe ➡️ eCom King

Earnest Epps, one of the current kings of e-commerce comes on the show to share the journey of an average guy working an average job that craved something more and went out to find it. 

Now, he is an International Speaker and renowned eCommerce Expert, specializing in high ticket dropshipping.

Earnest started with humble beginnings, learning, and studying eCommerce. Today, he earns over 7 figures annually from high ticket dropshipping and eCommerce sites and he teaches, shares, and helps his students learn the simple methods he used to achieve success in online selling.

If you are interested in an E-commerce or Dropshipping business, then this episode is for you.


Key Topics Discussed:

  •  Starting an e-commerce business (00:45)
  •  Employee to an entrepreneur (02:04)
  •  Learning and changing of belief pattern (03:59)
  •  The businesses you have no control (05:16)
  •  Connect the dots (11:46)
  •  The best month to sell online (14:48)
  •  Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs (16:35)
  •  The E-commerce Academy (18:56)
  •  Cheat code you must know (23:05)
  •  The “life list” (25:13)

Where can I find out more?

Learn more about the content discussed in this episode:

Check out his website: https://www.earnestepps.com

When did this episode air?

September 9, 2019