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DJ Vallauri


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In today’s episode, Tyler talks to DJ Vallauri who is not only the Founder and CEO of Lodging Interactive, a $7 million company. But he also has started a really cool thing called HotelPAWZ.com to help pet owners be able to travel easier with their pets.

He has spent years in the hospitality marketing industry and put together his love for technology, service and sales marketing in launching HotelPawz.com and comes on to talk about how he was able to come up with this pet sitter service provider business.


Key Topics Discussed:


  • DJ Vallauri, a serial Entrepreneur (1:16)
  • How he became an Entrepreneur from a traditional career environment (3:22)
  • The realization (5:32)
  • Strategy in getting first customers and establishing credibility (7:12)
  • The backbone of the business (11:59)
  • The birth of HotelPAWZ.com (13:46)
  • Social Media and organic growth (16:26)
  • The marketing strategy (18:26)
  • Cool services of HotelPAWZ.com (22:19
  • Mistakes allow us to re-align and succeed (25:55)
  • Work anywhere in the world (28:04)


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June 3, 2019