Who is it?

Thomas McMahon

What was this episode about? 

Is affiliate marketing a thing of the past? Not if you look at the growth of ClickBank and the many offers thriving today.

And if you ever wanted to include affiliate marketing in your marketing strategy, then this is the episode for you.

I chat with the senior business development manager at ClickBank, Thomas McMahon, on the big trends they are seeing in the direct response and affiliate marketing space in the new year.

We also talk about some cool strategies of positioning your offer in front of the right people because you can have the greatest product in the world, but no one knows about it.

“You’ve done the hard work of building your offer or your product, now do the harder work of selling it.”

Affiliates are a great strategy to get your product to the right audience. Affiliates are always looking for great products to promote. If you want them to promote your product, you have to make it easy, lucrative, and fun.

Click Play to learn of some of these tactics you can use in your marketing strategy to design your offer and get your product off the ground. 

Key Takeaways

  • How direct response marketing has evolved over the last 5 years (01:33)
  • Differences between direct response and ecommerce (04:47)
  • The big trends in direct response marketing in 2022 (09:44)
  • Riches are in the niches (13:16)
  • How McMahon has grown as an intrapreneur (18:03)
  • Positioning your offer right (22:14)
  • Making it easy, lucrative, and fun for affiliates (24:40)
  • Cool things coming up at ClickBank (25:35)
  • What’s on Thomas personal bucket list (26:50)

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