Who is it?

David Jay

What was this episode about?

This week, I talked to David Jay, a business founder, and movement creator. His entrepreneurial journey is one that anybody can take inspiration from.

David is a bit of a legend in my world. He is a serial entrepreneur in every sense of the word and founder of WarmWelcome.com. David and I discussed his early days as a photographer and how that set up the foundation for his future success. His first foray into Saas was a direct result of solving a problem for the everyday photographer.

We discuss how he scaled that business and the hurdles he’s overcome running several companies. David shares the value of ego in business and how it can really help us serve our customers better. 

Finally, we get some great advice for fellow entrepreneurs and how his new business, Warm Welcome, is revolutionizing how we communicate with one another. 


Key Takeaways

  • Scaling his photography business (02:55)
  • Building a software company (06:45)
  • Hurdles he had to overcome running a business (07:10)
  • Advice for other entrepreneurs (08:35)
  • What he would have done differently when starting a business (12:39)
  • How to serve and let go of ego (15:50)
  • WarmWelcome (18:00)
  • Solving new problems (24:23)


Additional Resources 

Connect with David here

Check out Warm Welcome here 


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March 15, 2021