Who is it?

Dave Woodward


What was this episode about?


If you’ve spent any time in the digital marketing space, then you’ve at least heard of the industry leader, ClickFunnels. They’re a company focused on building funnels and sales pages for entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or programming knowledge to do it themselves.

Today, we have Dave Woodward, CEO of ClickFunnels, on the show telling us about his entrepreneurial journey that led to him becoming a partner in the company and how he grew to his current position. 

He shares the path from his early entrepreneurial days, the hurdles he had to overcome to make it through, and how he got connected with Russell Brunson and the world of ClickFunnels.

Listen to this episode to hear about all the great lessons he’s learned along the way and some advice you can take into your business!

Key Takeaways

  • When Dave realized he was an entrepreneur (01:20)
  • His first entrepreneurial venture (2:30)
  • Lessons he learned from that first business (3:44)
  • Leading voices in business that he found inspiration from (6:48)
  • How Dave got connected in the ClickFunnels world (8:12)
  • The initial hurdles they had to overcome as a company and how they got over them (12:34)
  • What was Russell doing differently and what’s the lesson for everyone else? (16:50)
  • The biggest hurdle Dave has had to go through in his personal development (18:00)
  • How to replicate the impact you’d get from an expensive mastermind at an affordable level (21:30)
  • Marketing legends that you should be following (23:22)

Want to learn more about this guest?

Find out more about ClickFunnels here and listen to Funnel Hacker Radio here.

When did this episode air?

September 28, 2020