Who is it?

Darryll Stinson

What was this episode about?

Darryll Stinson was a D1 athlete on his way to making it pro when an injury led to an addiction, which got him kicked off the team. After attempting suicide, Stinson found his purpose, and now he lives his life full of hope and with the desire to help others.


Darryll had the spirit of an entrepreneur from a very young age. That drive eventually led to him diving into his collegiate sports career, where he further excelled. Pro sports was his ticket to freedom. It was how he would save his family from a life of poverty and secure a stable future for himself.


Those dreams and the identity he made for himself came crashing down after his injury and addiction issues, leaving him at a complete loss. The thought of picking up the pieces seemed daunting until he decided to rediscover his purpose and chase his renewed passions for entrepreneurship and service. 


Tune into this week’s episode for some great advice on what it takes to step into our authentic selves and dedicate our lives to pursuing our highest purpose and potential!

Key Takeaways

  • When he first realized he was an entrepreneur (01:25)
  • His sports journey (02:45)
  • Getting kicked off the football team (06:20)
  • Why you need to process your pain (08:15)
  • What happened after his suicide attempt (11:45)
  • Finding his higher purpose (16:10)
  • What he’s passionate about (19:30)
  • What he does to step into his authentic self (24:00)
  • This is what you can do today to move the needle forward (26:05)


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When did this episode air?

January 11, 2021