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Dan Henry


What was this episode about?

Tune in and listen as Dan shares all the wisdom he has learned from scaling his business from Zero to multimillions per year. He begins by sharing how he started his entrepreneurial journey from being a pizza delivery guy and how it took him seven years of hard work to become an ‘overnight’ success.

We talk about cutting all the noise from your life and getting things done. You achieve this by keeping a direct line of sight with your goals. At the end of the day, you need to make money to build your business, make money and secure your future. Entrepreneurship is all about seeking happiness and freedom. 

We talk about Dan’s book, Digital Millionaire secrets. He shares with us the motivation of writing the book and how the book is full of actionable items where anybody getting into the entrepreneurship journey will find useful. He takes us through one chapter called Mind Control Powers where he talks about maintaining a million-dollar mindset. Tune in to hear more about this and much more.

Key Takeaways

  • How the entrepreneurship journey is about hard work and not luck or timing (4:23)
  • Keeping a very direct line of sight with your goals (6:13)
  • Learning to love yourself as an entrepreneur (7:30)
  • Why you should focus on the big picture and end results rather than some small details (11:25)
  • Why you should read the Digital Millionaire secrets book by Dan Henry (15:26)
  • How fixing your mindset fixes all other issues you are having (17:38)
  • Developing a million-dollar mindset that allows you to control your mind and scale your business (19:01)

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April 20, 2020