What was this episode about?

I am going to share how CrossFit saved my health, both physically and mentally, and also how this led to me co-founding an equipment company and opening 4 gyms.

This is the first time that I have publicly shared this story but I feel like it’s so important because I learned so much from it.

Going into the 2008 financial crisis in the USA, I had all my eggs in the real estate basket. I had 3 companies in this industry. For a while, I thought I would be ok since I had solid business fundamentals.  I was able to keep my head above water for about a year and then it started to catch up with me. During this time, and the years following, a few things in my life suffered, and one of those was my health.

When I found CrossFit around 2011 my life quickly started to improve. Not just in health, which obviously improved – in fact, I lost 30 pounds the first month – but also in the fact that the CrossFit community is full of supportive and positive people. I needed this.

After hanging out at the CrossFit gym I realized that the gym owners didn’t run their businesses like the same way they participated in CrossFit. What I mean is, when these people were training for CrossFit it was very structured and they were always moving towards targets and goals. You were always trying to beat your last best metric. However, I business they were just wandering aimlessly and wondering why business wasn’t consistent.

This realization led me to start 4 different gyms and a gym equipment company. After some time, this struggles in these businesses led me back down a path I didn’t want to be on and I didn’t even realize where I was headed until it was almost too late. I ended leaving some of those businesses and I should have done it sooner, honestly.

In this episode, I’ll dive into why should be ok with quitting sometimes and the 2 most important rules in business that will help you make that decision.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • How the 2008 financial crisis impacted me (00:30)
  • The biggest impact CrossFit had on me (02:00)
  • The thing that’s keeping most CrossFit owners from being successful (04:03)
  • What got you here, won’t get you to your next goal (05:45)
  • The two rules of business (09:00)
  • Fight for the past is stealing from the future (11:15)


Where can I find out more?

You can learn more about Tyler over at tylerjorgenson.com


When did this episode air?

April 1, 2019