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Christopher Vos


What was this episode about?

This week, I have a friend on the show, Christopher Vos. Interviewing friends is a lot of fun because it’s an opportunity to learn something new about them and just overall way less nerve-wracking than interviewing someone new.

Christopher is a father of nine, the entrepreneur’s magician, and the founder of ROR University. If there is one big thing to be learned in this week’s interview, it’s the importance of relationships.

Relationships are everything in business, and yet too many people fail to nurture and create relationships before they are needed. Christopher Vos shares why he created the ROR Method and launched ROR University.

When he first realized he was an entrepreneur, we talked about what he did to rebuild after some serious setbacks and even lessons learned from his grandpa. This is most definitely an episode you’ll want to listen to as you start your new year.

Tune in!


Key Takeaways

  • When he first realized he is an entrepreneur  (02:05)
  • How he rebuilt after the great recession (05:50)
  • How he got where he is today (10:00)
  • What is the ROR method? (13:25)
  • Lessons learned from his grandpa (17:40)
  • Taking a look at his success rate (22:50)


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When did this episode air?

January 4, 2021