Who is it?

Russ Perry


What was this episode about?

In this episode, Founder and CEO of Design Pickle joins me to talk about his design business and how he left his ego out of it.


Design Pickle started in 2005. Russ had marketing experience and was ready to move past his previous job. He decided to combine his skill of what he knows and taste for what he likes and created Design Pickle. The company is a flat rate design business that caters to your graphic needs on an in demand basis at a flat cost.


Russ will discuss the hurdles that come with flat rates including pricing and retention of clients. More than finances, there is one big hurdle he shares about running any sort of business. You must leave your ego at the door. Russ explains that the bigger your ego is the smaller your personal growth is, and when you stop growing your company stops growing.


Listen and hear how Russ puts his customers first by helping his employees enhance their personal growth on this episode of Biz Ninja.


Key Takeaways


  • Introduction of guest, Russ Perry, the Founder and CEO Design Pickle (0:25)
  • What it takes to run a flat rate industry (2:19)
  • How to determine a price point (4:25)
  • His business branding story (5:24)
  • Timeline for creating his business  (6:46)
  • Overcoming hurdles (10:18)
  • How he deals with retention (12:23)
  • How he manages his team (15:40)
  • Stop putting life on hard mode (17:35)
  • How to accept the gap (20:20)
  • Future for Design Pickle (23:23)




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Check out Design Pickle here


When did this episode air?

June 1, 2020