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Chad Burmeister

What was this episode about? 

More and more businesses rely on AI to make their operations easier and more efficient. It’s no different when it comes to marketing.  

The future of marketing is definitely AI. Repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as prospecting, and qualifying leads are better handled by AI. You’ll achieve incredible results faster with AI and automation in marketing.

But this doesn’t mean that AI will replace people. Rather, it enhances the human experience by allowing humans to focus on higher-value work where interpersonal skills are needed and AI to do more of the tedious tasks.  

And to help us reimagine the future of marketing and the concept of always-on prospecting by leveraging AI, I am joined by Chad Burmeister, the CEO of ScaleX.ai. 

This is an exciting conversation as we discuss the role of AI in marketing and the possibilities it opens up for entrepreneurs to massively scale their businesses.  

Tune in!

Key Takeaways

  • When Chad first realized he was an entrepreneur (01:23)
  • How AI enhances the human interaction (05:44)
  • How to gain trust fast to sign a customer (08:13)
  • Why partnerships are a big challenge to entrepreneurs (09:51)
  • The importance of having good counsel as an entrepreneur (16:28)
  • The ideal customer for ScaleX.ai (18:10)
  • How ScaleX.ai helps entrepreneurs thrive (21:56)
  • What’s on Chad personal bucket list (23:59)

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