Building Big with Shaun Clark: Lessons from High Level’s Journey

In this episode, Tyler Jorgenson sits down with Shaun Clark, one of the founders of HighLevel, a dynamic software SaaS and marketing platform. Together, they delve into Shaun’s entrepreneurial journey, exploring pivotal moments, the power of strategic partnerships, and the evolution of HighLevel.


Shaun’s insights illuminate the importance of laying a solid foundation for partnerships, stressing the value of foresight and clear communication right from the outset. He underscores the vitality of listening to customer feedback and the courage to push forward, even when products aren’t perfect.


Drawing inspiration from icons like Warren Buffett and his principled business approach, Shaun champions longevity and ethical conduct in entrepreneurship. His advice resonates with aspiring business leaders, urging them to prioritize delivering tangible value to their clientele and to begin by showcasing their product’s merits to those closest to them.


Through Tyler’s insightful dialogue and Shaun’s compelling perspectives, this conversation serves as a roadmap for budding entrepreneurs, emphasizing the power of vision, integrity, and relentless dedication to customer satisfaction.


  • Think about the end of a partnership from the beginning and have explicit agreements in place.
  • Value customer feedback and be willing to release imperfect products to gather feedback and make improvements.
  • Admire businesses with longevity and ethical practices.
  • Focus on providing value to customers and show them the benefits of your product or service.
  • Set personal goals and work towards achieving them.