Major Leagues to Major Deals: Brandon Barnes’ New Game

Join Tyler Jorgenson as he sits down with Brandon Barnes, a dynamic figure who’s traded his baseball glove for a real estate portfolio while championing athletes’ personal brand development. In their candid exchange, they delve into the vital quest of discovering one’s identity beyond the realm of sports, drawing insights from Brandon’s own journey of setbacks and triumphs. From striking out on the field to closing deals in the real estate market, Brandon reflects on the invaluable lessons gleaned from failure and the unwavering discipline required for success. They also explore the evolving landscape of social media and its pivotal role in crafting a compelling personal brand narrative. Through Brandon’s compelling story and insights, get ready to be inspired by tales of resilience and redemption, both on and off the diamond.


  • Find your identity beyond being an athlete and discover your passions and interests outside of the game.
  • Embrace failure as a learning opportunity and use it to grow and improve.
  • Maintain discipline and stick to your routine, even when it’s challenging.
  • Building a personal brand on social media is crucial for athletes in today’s market.
  • Having a mentor or coach can provide valuable guidance and support in your journey.
  • Success is not a linear path, and it’s important to embrace the ups and downs along the way.