Who is it?

Brad Lea

What was this episode about? 

You’ll love my guest this week 

He is engaging, dynamic, passionate, and authentic. In fact, they call him The Real Brad Lea. 

Not because there is another, but because he is so real, he says it as he sees it. No BS 

Brad Lea is more than a master sales trainer. He is so inspiring and can easily pass for a motivational speaker. 

He is the founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT, an interactive experience-based online training system.

Being an entrepreneur himself, with an extensive background and expertise in sales, I’m sure you’ll find great value in this episode. 

Tune in 🎧 as we talk about the power of influence in sales, building a personal brand, motivation, and so much more.

“It’s not painful to change; it’s painful to stay the same.” Brad Lea

Key Takeaways

  • Brad’s first big failure as an entrepreneur (05:02)
  • Your mindset is the biggest culprit (07:18)
  • The one thing most entrepreneurs don’t have (08:46)
  • Developing your skills to sell, close and influence (11:30)
  • The six sacred steps to correct your inner self-worth (12:09)
  • Weeding out the idiots in your life (14:31)
  • Leveraging social media to build a personal brand (17:37)
  • Personal accountability: You are your own boss (24:03)

Additional Resources

Follow Brad Lea on Instagram: @realbradlea

Pre-order his new book, The Hard Way here: https://www.bradlea.com/real

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