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Blake Nubar


What was this episode about?

In this episode of BizNinja Entrepreneur Radio, Blake Nubar is on the show to discuss how to get loud and get results in marketing. He is an internet marketing mastermind and good friend of mine and I’m excited to have him on the show.


Blake has recognized that he has the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. His first big foray into entrepreneurship happened during his college years. It was the classic formula of identifying a problem and offering a solution for it. He and his college business partner were in the midst of studying for exams and were just overwhelmed with all the information they would have to take in. 


They came up with the idea of creating a visual aid for their course material and started listing it for sale. By the end of the semester, they made over 5k in sales. In the years since he has learned a lot about marketing. Blake has gone on to become an amazing funnel builder as well as a business owner. 


Join us for this episode as he gives insight into the marketing tactics that helped him succeed as well as tips for entrepreneurs looking to define their niche and make their mark. 


Key Takeaways


  • Blake’s intro into entrepreneurship (1:18)
  • Advice for putting yourself out there (4:45)
  • This is what a successful funnel does (7:19)
  • Blake’s first big win (12:06)
  • Expanding his brand (15:21)
  • The weirdest niche Blake has seen (20:46)
  • What Blake is doing next (22:30)
  • His advice for new entrepreneurs (25:00)


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Blake and Tyler’s Partner Program 

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When did this episode air?

August 17, 2020