Who is it?

Joe Lawrence


What was this episode about?

In this episode, Business Credit Expert Joe Lawrence credits his success to understanding and utilizing business credit cards. He created The Business Credit Workshop to teach entrepreneurs how to get their business started using business credit cards.


For Joe, his personal success in building a real estate business with almost no money turned into a business when he was asked to give a spontaneous speech on the benefits of business credit. That speech spiraled into the Business Credit Workshop where he now teaches entrepreneurs the inside secrets of credit. He teaches the fundamental differences between business credit and personal credit and why the bank you choose to borrow from can make a huge difference.


Joe reminds us that business credit does not impact our personal scores and should be viewed as good debt. He walks us through tips on building your score quickly and how his team takes the guesswork out of choosing a bank.


Listen and learn how you can take the first step in starting your own business.


Key Takeaways

  • Introduction of guest, Joe Lawrence  0:23
  • Joe staring his real estate business  2:10
  • The benefit of business credit cards 3:43
  • What is Joe’s Business Credit Workshop  5:05
  • Personal credit vs business credit 10:49
  • How to select the right bank for your business loan 13:20
  • Insider secrets about business credit 13:44
  • Tips on growing your business 15:38
  • Offer hacking and how it helped Joe get the upper hand 19:41
  • How to set realistic goals for your business growth  24:20

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When did this episode air?

May 18, 2020