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Amanda Signorelli

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The Golden Steer is the oldest and most famous steak house in Las Vegas. Once the hub for mob bosses and the Rat Pack, the fine dining experience and ambiance continue to live on. This week, I talked to Amanda Signorelli, who stepped into the family business to help bring fine dining into homes across America through their Virtual Private Dining and Fine Dining In A Box offerings.

It’s been such a cool opportunity to watch entrepreneurs’ ingenuity as they navigate their business uncertainties. The strides Amanda has made is especially exciting! 

Because The Golden Steer has been such a staple in the Las Vegas community, Amanda knew they would have to get pretty creative with how they would serve their customers. A significant portion of their customer base used the restaurant as a meeting place to network and host business functions. When Covid pushed everyone to step away from exciting dinners and onto boring zoom calls, she immediately identified a new need in the market. 

People were going to miss the fine dining experience, so she developed a way to bring it into their homes. What makes her strategy so remarkable is that she and her husband have consistently kept a long term vision. Instead of going for a quick cash grab, they methodically organized a solution that would work for years to come. 

Tune in this week to learn how their new business venture materialized and the response they’ve gotten since launching. It might just give you your next great idea!

Key Takeaways

  • When Amanda stepped into the family business (01:25)
  • When she realized she is an entrepreneur (03:30)
  • How she came up with the virtual private dining (06:21)
  • Some of the hurdles they faced launching and how they overcame them (09:55)
  • How they are preserving the history of the business in the modern world (12:50)
  • Their COVID response to in-person dining (16:30)
  • How they created a consumer product that sticks on the market (20:00)
  • Something on Amanda’s personal bucket list (24:40)

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