Who is it?

Amanda Holmes

What was this episode about? 

How do you double your sales in the fastest and least expensive way…. my guest today, has the perfect answer to this question. 

As the CEO of Chet Holmes International, Amanda Holmes carries forward the legacy of her late father, Chet Holmes.

Chet Holmes is the author of The Ultimate Sales Machine, one of my all-time favorite business books.

Amanda’s story of how she took over the company is incredible. It was daunting at first, but she eventually got to love it. She filled her father’s large shoes perfectly and has since taken the company to greater heights.

But above all, Amanda is a great resource, just like her father was.

She reveals the one competency that every entrepreneur should perfect to double their sales in a very short period.

Tune in to hear her incredible story and some high-level sales strategies that will see your sales blow through the roof!

Key Takeaways

The power of mentorship to an entrepreneur (06:05)

Leadership lessons from climbing the highest free-standing mountain in the world (06:22)

The fastest, least expensive way to double your sales (08:55)

A surefire way to get that sales appointment (11:14)

Don’t do this in your sales process (13:08)

How to create top of the mind awareness that get you sales (13:19)

Laser-focused content marketing tips (16:19)

Does your business have a sales process? (18:45)

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