Who is it?

Alex Hormozi

What was this episode about?

In this episode, Tyler talks to Alex Hormozi about growth, hitting multiple walls, and keeping business simple.

Alex is known as the dominant force when it comes to fitness gyms and marketing.

He is a fitness entrepreneur and the man behind Gym Launch which helps gym owners transform their facilities and lives one launch at a time.

The company success is with Alex’s collaboration with his wife Leila by combining their skill sets, sharing what he knows and continuous coaching his team that has transformed 1500 gyms on 4 continents with the Gym Launch Secrets.

Listen in as Alex shares valuable tips on how your company can grow without complicating things, how important are your skills as an entrepreneur and why constant training is essential to you and your company’s growth.


Key Topics Discussed:

  •  A system to increase gym businesses profitability (01:04)
  •  The emergence of an entrepreneur (03:51)
  •  Holds back of United Fitness (07:37)
  •  Husband and Wife tandem (13:37)
  •  The secrets of the business revealed (15:59)
  •  The marble analogy (19:48)
  •  Be the CEO & stop doing the day to day job (26:11)
  •  Talent stacking, the greatest investment that you can make (31:50)
  •  Coaching makes you stay in the game (34:38) 
  •  Rules of tens in threes (38:54)

Where can I find out more?

Learn more about the content discussed in this episode:

Gym Launch Secrets: https://gymlaunchsecrets.com

When did this episode air?

August 5, 2019