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Alan Hildago


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Welcome to another episode of BizNinja Entrepreneur Radio. In this episode, I have on Alan Hidalgo who is the founder of Car Fleet Academy. He shares with us how to make money on Uber and Lyft without having to drive

Alan is a serial entrepreneur with multiple sources of income. He has invested in Airbnb, has a marketing channel, and owns ATMs. However, he is best known for teaching people how to make six-figures by monetizing the Uber and Lyft platforms without driving cars. He does this through the Car Fleet academy. 

He takes us through his entrepreneurial journey and how he got to start working with Uber and Lyft. His story is amazing and quite inspiring to people who want to own and grow their businesses. He shares how he started Car Fleet Academy out of a need to pass on his knowledge and help people make money.

Through his vast experience in entrepreneurship, Alan shares two very important pieces of advice. One is developing the ability to focus. Amidst all the noise that is in our world, an entrepreneur needs to focus o one thing. Two is entrepreneurs must choose businesses that focus on people’s needs and wants.  Tune in and listen to this and other important entrepreneurship tips from our special guest. 

Key Takeaways

  • How to transition a job to a business (2:00)
  • Learning how to hire the right employees for your business (05:23)
  • Realizing your greater purpose and calling in business (11:22)
  • Overcoming self-identity and scarcity mindset challenges as an entrepreneur (12:52)
  • Why it is important to have mentors at every stage in your entrepreneurial journey (14:01)
  • Learning to focus on one thing at a time and blocking out all the noise (16:00)

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April 27, 2020