Who is it?

Luis Daniel and Luis Alfonso

What was this episode about? 

After their soccer careers ended, these talented brothers had to decide if they were going to chase the corporate job or craft their own destiny. After several ideas, they started to focus on publishing and content.

Now, they help entrepreneurs turn their long-form content such as podcasts and articles into highly valuable short-form content that improves their digital currency and turn a profit.

They have helped companies like Orangetheory, Redbull, JWB Property Management, The CSI Companies, Think Different Theory, University of North Florida, Smile Stylist, F45 Fitness, and many more get their message out to the world.

In addition, the Luis brothers are the hosts of a fun podcast, Content is Profit with the Bizbros, where they talk about content creation and interview some top entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we talk about:

ūüĒ• What is the perfect content?

ūüĒ• Approaching business as a sport

ūüĒ• The fastest path to success

ūüĒ• Taking care of your relationships

  And much, much more…

Tune in to this fun conversation as we talk about content and entrepreneurship lessons with the Biz Bros!

Key Takeaways

  • Similarities between entrepreneurs and athletes (01:28)
  • Relationship building: The value of relationships to an entrepreneur (08:47)
  • What is the perfect content? (15:43)
  • Lessons from soccer that apply to business (19:33)
  • Messi Vs. Ronaldo: What can we learn from them (22:40)
  • Your voice matters (24:32)
  • Action is the holy grail of success (27:15)

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