Harnessing the Power of Audiences with Rachel Miller: Lessons in Internet Marketing
Meet Rachel Miller, a self-proclaimed ‘people collector’ and internet marketing whiz. Transitioning from a school teacher to a trailblazing entrepreneur, Rachel takes us on her journey through the ups and downs of business. A pivotal moment came when she noticed her website’s reach dwindling, sparking a major shift towards stability in her business endeavors. She responded by creating a slew of products and developing Page Wheel, a tool that simplifies funnel creation. Despite initial team setbacks, her resilience—buoyed by the unwavering support of her husband and business partner—led to the successful rebuild and refinement of the tool. Rachel’s passion shines through as she talks about Page Wheel, a software designed to help users quickly and effectively create funnels. She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and celebrating people’s challenges to foster a sense of safety and community. Rachel also shares a personal dream: a three-month expedition to visit all the national parks once her kids hit college.


  • Mastering audience building is crucial in internet marketing.
  • Understanding diverse audiences fuels business success.
  • Innovating multiple products and streamlining processes can stabilize revenue flows.
  • Entrepreneurial paths are riddled with challenges; resilience and a solid support system are key to overcoming them.
  • Pagewheel enables swift and easy funnel creation.
  • Building community involves making people feel recognized and secure.
  • Address problems in a way that honors and uplifts the individual.