Who is it?

Veronica Romney

What was this episode about? 

Veronica has been Chief of Staff for BossBabe and a speaker for Tony Robbins, but at heart, she is an entrepreneur. She helps 7 figure business owners build their dream team.

Most entrepreneurs are the visionary types who know where they want to go and why they want to do it. However, the who and the how constantly holds them back. That’s where a team comes in.

Building a great team will determine if you become a business owner or a business operator. It will also determine your company culture and, most importantly, your profitability.

Having worked with many top corporate organizations and founded and exited her own businesses, Veronica offers a unique insight on what makes a dream team and how small business owners can build the right team to realize all their ideas.

Listen in to learn of the three pillars behind successful teams and how to cultivate a winning company culture that fits your vision.

Key Takeaways

  • Veronica’s entrepreneurial journey (00:46)
  • Common mistakes that small businesses make when building a team (05:30)
  • The three pillars behind successful teams (08:17)
  • Are you disproportionately focusing on sales at the expense of people management? (10:07)
  • What’s your North Star (14:09)
  • Is your business going to operate without you (19:18)
  • Understanding your vision and making sure it fits in your company culture (21:14)
  • Be a disciple of your message (24:34)

Additional Resources

Learn more: https://veronicaromney.com/

Connect with Veronica on Instagram: @vromney

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