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Kim Barrett Your Social Voice

Kim Barrett – The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Social Media Marketer

In this episode, Tyler interviews Kim Barrett, a world-renown Social Media Marketer, best selling author, speaker and trainer about his entrepreneurial journey in starting and scaling a digital agency. Kim is the founder of Your Social Voice which helps entrepreneurs level up their businesses through social media by generating leads and getting more sales. He helps business owners focus on doing what they do best. And Your Social Voice takes charge of marketing out of their hands.


Morten Hansen – How To Perform Better at Work

In this episode, Tyler chats with the author of the highly acclaimed books Collaboration and Great at Work: How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better, and Achieve More, Morten Hansen, a former professor, one of the world’s most influential management thinkers by Thinkers50, co-author (with Jim Collins) of the New York Times bestseller Great by Choice, was also a manager at the Boston Consulting Group, and a keynote speaker who travels the world to help companies and people become great at work. 

kevin anson video

Kevin Anson – Using Video To Create Authority For Entrepreneurs

In this episode, Tyler catches up with Kevin Anson, his childhood buddy, and Video Producer, owner of the VideoBuilders.net and the man behind Russell Brunson's Funnel Hacker TV. Tyler has known Kevin since back in the ’90s and had a great time looking back and chatting about their successes from college years.

rachel pedersen selfie

Rachel Pedersen – The Queen Of Social Media

In today’s episode, Tyler gets to interview Mrs. Pedersen -- the Social Media Queen. Rachel Pedersen is an award-winning Social Media Marketer and the founder of Social Media United. She is known for being viral on purpose and reached 11.3 million people worldwide with her social media post that impact other people’s lives. 

james friel

James P. Friel – How To Leverage Systems In Your Business

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to James P. Friel, an entrepreneur, and consultant who helps business owners systemize, grow and scale their companies.

Marley Baird

Marley Baird – Video Marketing For Entrepreneurs

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to Marley Baird, one of the top video branding leaders and the owner of the Marley Baird Media, helping mini-celebrities and influencers turn into thought leaders in their respective space through Video Marketing.

matt ross one river school

Matt Ross – Transforming Art Education in America

Drawing inspiration from his childhood love of classic rock music, Matt made School of Rock a national name and eventually sold that business to an investment firm. Now is doing the same with One River Schools, teaching art and digital designs in a more fun art education experience.

DJ Vallauri – CEO of HotelPawz

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to DJ Vallauri who is not only the Founder and CEO of Lodging Interactive, a $7 million company. But he also has started a really cool thing called HotelPAWZ.com to help pet owners be able to travel easier with their pets.

Gary Brackett NFL Entrepreneur

Gary Brackett – From NFL To Entrepreneur

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to Gary Brackett, a former Indianapolis Colts football player, Super Bowl champion, and the owner/operator of the Stacked Pickle, a popular restaurant/sports bar where people dine and watch games.

dana derricks dream 100

Dana Derricks – The Dream 100 Strategy

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to Dana Derricks, a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and goat farmer. Otherwise known as the “The Copywriting Professor” and “World’s Best Goat Farmer”, Dana has worked with well over a thousand e-commerce professionals, turning regular sellers into millionaires.

trey lewellen ecommerce

Trey Lewellen – Insurance Agent to $30 Million eCommerce Racehorse

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to Trey Lewellen, a revolutionary in ClickFunnel creation. Trey moved from being an insurance agent earning $60,000 a year to owning an eCommerce business that generated over $20 million in sales last year.

john crestani affiliate marketing

John Crestani – 7-Figure Company With Zero Employees

steve larsen sales funnel

Steve Larsen – The Offer King

david tobin audiojack

David Tobin of Audiojack

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to David Tobin, the creator, founder, and CEO of Audiojack, a company that creates audio-based movies with no words, no video, and no music. An Audiojack is made up of hundreds of sounds that are edited together to tell a story for our imagination.

Anthony DiClemente Biohacking

Anthony DiClemente – The Business of BioHacking Secrets

In this episode, Tyler talks to Anthony DiClementi of Biohacking Secrets and the Biohackers Guide, and one the OGs in the Clickfunnels world who has been a legend in crushing it in the space. Anthony will talk about his entrepreneurial journey and what he does to stay ahead of the competition.

business lessons from crossfit

How CrossFit Saved My Life (Then Almost Killed Me)

In this episode, I am going to share how CrossFit saved my health, both physically and mentally, and also how this led to me co-founding an equipment company and opening 4 gyms.

mia shark restricted

Mia Shark – Marketing In Restricted Waters

On the podcast today I have Mia Shark! We are going to dive into her entrepreneurial journey and how she went from organizing events to becoming the queen of marketing in restricted industries.

kyle lasota video

Kyle Lasota – How Videos Can Save Your Company

In today’s episode, Tyler talks to Kyle Lasota, founder of KyleGotCamera, a marketing video company that helps 7-Figure entrepreneurs become the category kings in their niche through video storytelling.


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